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  • Online Community Closing
    Posted by Kirk Gillock February 12

    As previously mentioned, we will soon be closing the online community section of our website. It will still be accessible for several months by visiting but there will no longer be any links to it on the homepage. The website will continue as a simple blog style site. Updates of projects will be made on the new site and also on our Facebook page.

    Thank you for making Isara's Online Community such an important part of our charity.


What's New

  • KitKat G
    KitKat G Happy New Year Thailand!!! 
    • 11 hours ago
  • Sean Domingcil
    Sean Domingcil Happy new year from the US!
    • Tue at 10:15 PM
  • Gina Fish
    Gina Fish Happy New Year! :)
    • April 13
  • Yatip T
    Yatip T has added a new profile photo.
    • April 2
  • Yatip T
    Yatip T Been a long time since my last update and been a long time that I miss this awesome Isara foundation :) Me and my friends did the cover the song call 'little talk' from Of monster and men. Hope you guys enjoy and have a good day :) 
  • Mei Ling Yang
    Mei Ling Yang Here's a story on Kirk, Isara and his thoughts on education in Thailand :) Enjoy!
    Freedom through learning | People With Stories
  • Gina Fish
    Gina Fish Waving HI!
    • March 4
  • Wesley Jensen
  • Wesley Jensen
    Wesley Jensen Isara volunteer #2(me) will be leaving for Thailand and Isara for my fouth trip in less than 5 days! so excited! I cannot wait to see you guys again.
    • February 13
  • Gina Fish
    Gina Fish Happy belated anniversary to KitKat and Jim! Big Hugs!!
    • February 11
  • MING S
    MING SKitKat G: Happy Anniversary Mom&Dad! Everlasting love. <3  (from Phuket, Thailand)
    • February 10
  • Patrick Mawn
    Patrick Mawn A year ago I was starting my first days of teaching at Isara. On a cold winter day I think of the hot Thailand weather right now. Hope everyone is well, miss and love you all.
    • February 10
  • Kirk Gillock
    Kirk Gillock Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!!! Love you.
    • February 10
  • Taija Virtanen
    Taija Virtanen Hello Everyone! Sorry I have been busy with other things and have not been able to post ISARA = FREEDOM photos for a while! I am back on track now! Just Posted a pic on the Facebook page! You can still take part of the project! Check comments for directio...  more
    • February 3
    • Taija Virtanen
      Taija Virtanen Have you entered Project ISARA = FREEDOM yet?
      Wondering how to take part? Here are the directions once more!
      Take a picture of yourself with a sign that says ISARA = FREEDOM near a landmark or place that is beautiful (extra credit for orginality and if yo...  more
  • Ryan Sherry
    Ryan Sherry This time last year I was departing Thailand to the land down under!
    • January 31
  • Gina Fish
    Gina Fish Hours late for those in Asia but HaPPy ChIneSe NEW YeaR!! Year of the Horse!! - What year are You? I am a boar :)
    • January 31
  • Kirk Gillock
    Kirk Gillock A typical afternoon at the Isara Learning Center.
    Isara Learning Center - Nong Khai, Thailand
    A typical afternoon at the Isara Learning Center in Nong Khai, Thailand.
    • January 22
  • Gina Fish
    Gina Fish Happy Saturday!
    • January 18
  • Jan Gottsche &amp; Elva Conole
    Jan Gottsche & Elva Conole Happy (belated) New Year from Ireland. Here's to a successful year for Isara.
    • January 13
  • Merche Fuentes
    Merche Fuentes Happy New Year to Isara Team!!! And good luck with new projects in 2014!! Best wishes from Khon Kaen :)
    • January 11
  • James Padolsey
    James Padolsey Happy new year Isara! Wishing you all a fantastic 2014 from London! 
    • January 7
  • Sruthi  Nair
    Sruthi Nair Almost year and a half ago I was able to come to Thailand because of ISARA - I still miss the place! I was able to travel to such great places and meet some wonderful people .. Thank you ISARA and Happy New Year (A little late but still) :) 
    • January 5
  • June Smith
    June Smith has added a new profile photo.
    • January 1
  • June Smith
    June Smith Happy New Year, Isara! :-)
    • January 1
  • KitKat G
    KitKat G Happy New Year ISARA!!!    Wishing Isara a continued flow of blessings and goodwill throughout the world in 2014 and all the years to follow.    
    • January 1
  • Patrick Mawn
    Patrick Mawn Happy New Years to all of you amongst the Isara Community! Hard to believe it's been almost a year since I headed out to Nong Khai. Man I still get emotional, excited and nostalgic when I think of it and especially when I come on this site. I miss and am ...  more
    • December 31
  • Kirk Gillock
    Kirk Gillock What a great surprise! Ginafish drove all the way to Texas so that we could finally meet. After 8 years of her support, and thousands of online posts, Ginafish and I have finally met!! Thank you, Mom and Ginafish.
    • December 30, 2013
  • Gina Fish
    Gina Fish One last push for postings on this page - How many Happy New Year's shout out's can we get?
    • December 28, 2013
  • Marina Nareswari
    Marina Nareswari Hi Kirk, merry christmas! When will ISARA post the announcement for 2014 volunteer position? look forward for your info! :)
    • December 26, 2013
    • Kirk Gillock likes this.
    • Marina Nareswari
      Kirk Gillock Hi Marina. Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We will make an announcement in the next 1-2 weeks. Happy New Year!!
      • December 29, 2013
    • Marina Nareswari
      Marina Nareswari Noted. I'll be waiting :)
      • December 29, 2013
  • Kirk Gillock
    Kirk Gillock Going to see Frozen with my nephew, Graham.
    • December 26, 2013