In The News
Since 2008, Isara has been featured in many newspapers, magazines, and tv shows in the US and Thailand. We always appreciate the opportunity to show others the work we're doing so that we can inspire others to do the same. If you are interested in doing a story about Isara, please contact us.
Below are just a few of the TV, newspaper, and magazine stories made about Isara Foundation.

In February 2012, Isara Foundation's "Think Before You Throw" nationwide campaign was featured on many news channels. During the campaign we drove 3,000km (1,800 miles), picked up trash in 31 provinces, and visited many schools to educate students about what they can do to fix the trash problem.
In August 2011, Kirk Gillock was asked to speak on the live TV show "Bak Gao Rao Sip". The show was about Isara's recently completed "Think Before You Throw" campaign which included sailing a large plastic bottle boat down the Mekong River.
In February, 2011 the San Marcos Record newspaper did a news article about Isara Foundation's Mekong River trash campaign. The story talks about our efforts to build a 30 foot boat using recycled plastic bottles, which will be used later this year to help educate people about the dangers of polluting the environment.
In July 2010, Kirk Gillock and Isara Foundation were highlighted on the TV show "Chan Rok Muang Thai". The show was watched by a lot of people and focused on all of Isara's projects. After the show, Isara's website received 400% more visitors and many new sponsors.
In April 2010, Kirk was invited to be on the "Jot Jai" TV show on Channel 5. The one hour show was about foreigners with Thai hearts. The show highlighted Isara's learning center, helmet campaign, and scholarships.
In February 2010, Isara was highlighted in the TV show "Rung Jing Pan Jaw" on Channel 7. They focused on Isara's helmet, trash campaigns, free learning center, and also volunteer teaching to help rural schools.
In August 2009, Isara Foundation was highlighted on a True Visions report. The tv clip showed for one month and highlighted Isara's helmet campaign in Nong Khai.
In July 2009, Isara Foundation was highlighted in the "Secret" magazine. They focused on Isara's helmet campaign. In February 2011 "Secret" magazine did another story, inviting readers to donate to Isara.
In January 2009, Isara was on a FOX TV show in the USA. The show highlighted the free learning center in Nong Khai, scholarships, volunteer teaching, and helmet campaign.
In December 2008, Kirk Gillock received the "76 Good People" Award from the Nation Group in Thailand. The award was given to him because of his helmet campaign and volunteer teaching.