Our Sponsors
Isara Foundation relies on the kindness of others to make our projects possible. That kindness comes from our volunteers and our generous sponsors, who make one-time donations or contribute monthly. As of January 1st, 2014 we no longer accept online donations or foreign sponsorships. All support comes locally, in Thailand, or from friends and family.
Thank you to all our sponsors for their generosity and continued support of Isara Foundation.

Monthly Sponsors
Jon Molomby ($300)
Bill Gillock ($100 - truck payment)
Regina Bridges ($100)
Asawann Mall - Nong Khai ($35)
Chat Siam - Nong Khai ($15)
RVP Insurance (Nongluk) - Nong Khai ($15)
Daeng Namnuang - Nong Khai ($35)
IT Shop - Nong Khai ($15)