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Isara Learning Center (Nong Khai)

The Isara Learning Center (ILC) was opened in March, 2007 and is located in the central part of Nong Khai, on Mee Chai Road. After-school and evening classes are provided to students, free of charge, by our volunteers. Classes are split and shared among the volunteers and may rotate weekly, depending on the number of volunteers available.

Our Learning Center building has two stories. The first floor contains a front office, three classrooms, a small library, computer lab, and a reading room. The second floor – the volunteer's free “living quarters” – has a large common room, a kitchen area, 4 bedrooms with a total of 8 beds, a laundry room, and a shared shower/bathroom. There is also a balcony where clothes can be hung to dry.

The backyard is a small “swamp” with fish, flowers and other plants, as well as a pier and gazebo. Here is a good place to sit, socialize, and even exercise. In our front yard, we have a ping pong table, a water cooler, some swings, and a large driveway where we keep our free volunteer bicycles.

There is a hospital, a police station, a laundromat, and two 711s within a five minute walk from the ILC. There are also many local shops, ATMs, restaurants and street food options on Mee Chai and nearby Prajak Road. We are a five minute walk from the Mekong River, several Western-style restaurants, and the daily Thasadej market. Tesco Lotus, a large supermarket which offers many Western goods, is ten minutes away.

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Note:At Isara's Learning Center every student must wear a helmet if they arrive by motorcycle. If they do not have a helmet one is provided to them. Parents are also encouraged to wear helmets. We enforce our "school rule" every day and the results have been very positive. Now more than 95% of our students wear helmets to our school. Typically, only 5-8% of students wear helmets to school. We're very proud that our students made the decision to protect them selves.