Who We Are
Our sponsors, volunteers, and website visitors are the people who really make a difference with Isara Foundation, but there are a group of people who have helped convert your donations and clicks into charity.
Kirk Gillock
Founder, Webmaster, and Volunteer

Born and raised in Texas but spent time in Seattle, working as a graphic/web designer. In 2002, I left my cubicle to begin a new life volunteering in Thailand. In 2005, I started Isara ("freedom" in Thai) as a way to provide help to those in need.

Salary: None
Goals: To eat less junk food.
Community Profile: Kirk

Ming Supyaem
Co-founder and Project Consultant

I am Thai and have lived in Nong Khai, Thailand my whole life. I have a degree in languages (English and Japanese) and have been with Isara since the beginning. I enjoy helping with projects, showing new volunteers my beautiful country, and teaching them about Thai culture.

Salary: None
Goals: To provide for my family and continue learning.
Community Profile: Ming

Nok Sangthong
Isara Learning Center Manager and Accountant

I was an Isara scholarship recipient and an intern. I just graduated from the University with a fist class honor. Now I’m working at Isara Foundation and continue to study at a new University.

Salary: $330 (paid by specific sponsor)
Hobbies: Reading books, watch TV, listen to music and practice cooking.
Community Profile: Nok

David Peel
Director of Isara's English Program

I have been teaching English in Thailand since 2004 and before that I was a teacher in England. My main focus is to guide new volunteers and to teach Isara students how to read.

Salary: None
Hobbies: Ping Pong, Pool, and watching Arsenal lose on TV.
Community Profile: Dave

Regina Bridges
Website Moderator and Webcam Advisor

Born in the 20th Century, living an insanely average life with husband of ten years plus some, and our son and daughter smack dab in the center of Arkansas. I was invited to join Isara by Kirk to add glamor to the forum.

Salary: None
Goals: Spread love, exhibit tolerance and give hope.
Community Profile: Ginafish

Bill Gillock
Website Moderator and Technical Advisor

I was born in 1961 and live in Houston. I work as a software engineer for an oilfield services company. I spend a lot of my spare time playing poker. Discovered Isara through Kirk, who's my little brother.

Salary: None
Goals: I want to be the person my kids see me as.
Community Profile: ZeroG

Ian Reynolds
IT Guy and Peace Man

I have worked in the IT Industry for many years and currently work in Washington, D.C.. In 2009 I volunteered at Isara and now host Isara's website on my dedicated server.

Salary: None
Goals: To reach total enlightenment.
Community Profile: hillscott
And, of course, our AMAZING volunteers!!!
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